Indians are always fond of Teak Wood when it comes to their Construction requirement especially for the Door Frames, Door Shutters, Window Frames and Shutters, Staircase Rails, Staircase pillars…etc.   However the affordability of Myanmar Teak makes them look out for alternatives and they end up going in for cheap country wood that does not give the kind of finish they want and also the life span of such wood is not very high.

There comes an alternative that the Teak imported from Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.   But for the White patches in the wood the rest of the quality matches to that of the Burma Teak.  With regard to the price factor, it is almost one tenth of the Burma Teak which makes it affordable to even the middle class community to go for it.

We shall supply the Teak sizes like 4 X 3, 5 X 3, 6 X 4… etc, which are the most sought after sizes in the Indian market. The following are the pictures of Teak sizes from West Africa (Ghana and Benin):

We do also sell the Teak from the Burma (Myanmar) border.  Following are the pictures of the same:

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