Low Cost Global Sourcing

At Parivarta EXIM, we integrate resources located across the world, for mutual benefit. As a strategic “Low Cost Global Sourcing” company from India, with a network of Sourcing partners in China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, we specialize in fulfilling the sourcing needs of global clients. As global trade gets progressively more complicated, enterprises are leveraging Strategic Sourcing to achieve competitive advantage. We provide end to end sourcing solutions to our clients by following an exhaustive sourcing process. Our objective is to identify, qualify and develop suppliers for our clients in low cost countries who are able to meet the technical and functional specifications and provide the most competitive pricing along with the highest quality levels. The multiple benefits of our strategic sourcing services include huge savings, drastic reduction in lead-times, significant improvements in quality of sourced parts and reduction in the risk of supplier default.!

Whether or not your procurement team has experience in low-cost global sourcing, Parivarta EXIM can help you achieve more value more rapidly.

Local Knowledge is Essential for Low Cost Global Sourcing

Our team brings strong category-specific technical expertise, understanding and keeping abreast with of local policy trends, tax rules and trade-related regulations to the table. This local knowledge is augmented with our industry-leading analytical capabilities, market intelligence and category expertise to help our clients minimize risk, maximize value and adopt “Low Cost Global Sourcing” with confidence. Our low-cost country sourcing services include:

  • Market and Country Assessment
    • Country Profiling
    • Vendor Landscaping
    • Risk Assessment
  • Supplier Identification and AssessmentLow Cost Global Sourcing
    • Supplier Research
    • Capability Assessment
    • Audits
  • Sourcing and Negotiations
    • Strategy Development
    • Bid Process Management
    • Negotiations
  • Execution and Implementation
    • Contract Execution
    • Supplier On-boarding
    • Expediting Management
    • Logistics Plan Development
    • On-going Audits
    • New Supplier / Vendor Development.