MgO Board

MgO Board otherwise called “Magnesium Oxide Board”  is a factory-made product. It is a type of relatively new inorganic-bonded composite. Its main mineral being Magnesium Oxide (MgO). MgO Boards are produced with alkali–resistant fiberglass mesh as strengthening material. Magnesium oxide (melting point of 2,800°C) is often used as a basic refractory material for lining crucibles & furnaces.

MgO Board

Magnesium Oxide Board

Magnesium Oxide, more commonly called magnesia, is a versatile mineral that when used as part of a cement mixture and cast into thin cement panels under proper curing procedures and practices can be used in residential and commercial building construction. The classic examples to prove the strength of Magnesia are the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors in China.

MgO Board Dry Wall

Magnesium Oxide Board Dry Wall

Some versions are suitable for a wide range of general building uses and for applications that require fire resistance, mold and mildew control, as well as sound control applications and many other benefits. As an environmentally friendly building material, magnesia board has strength and resistance due to very strong bonds between magnesium and oxygen atoms that form the magnesium oxide molecules (chemical symbol MgO).

Magnesium Oxide Board

Magnesium Oxide Board

MgO Boards are used in place of traditional gypsum drywall as wall and ceiling covering material and sheathing. It is also used in a number of other construction applications such as fascias, soffit, shaft-liner and area separation, wall sheathing, and as tile backing (backer board) or as substrates for coatings and insulated systems such as finish systems, EIFS, and some types of stucco.

MgO Board for building construction is available is various sizes and thickness. It is not a paper faced material. It generally comes in a light gray, white or beige color. Numerous versions and value of grades exist including smooth face, rough texture, utility, versatile grades as well as different densities and strengths for different applications and uses.

MgO Board Ceiling

MgO Board Ceiling

  • MgO Board is a newly developed and upcoming GREEN material for DRY Construction. This material is approved for use in USA, PRC, Canada, and many other countries for various applications.
  • MgO Board’s  special characteristics are fire resistant, water resistant, mold resistant and high-impact strength. It therefore is very well suited for both interior and exterior walls & sheathing applications in construction.
  • The MgO Board manufacturing quality meets the ISO – 1182 International Fireproof Material Quality Standards.

MgO Board Manufacturing

MgO Board is made as individual pieces that is cut to length as the slurry is poured onto a casting tray. The initial set occurs horizontally. However the final cure occurs vertically or with spacers between the sheets in the steam cure chamber. The MgO Board is cast in a liquid slurry-like form (a mixture of MgO powder, Magnesium Chloride and other additives).


Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness Range (mm)
     2440             1220    5mm – 24mm

MgO Board Properties

Density Kg/m3 Nominal   950 to 1100 kg/M3
Tensile Strength Mpa Minimum   5Mpa
Bending Strength Mpa Minimum   9Mpa-16Mpa
Shrink Tolerance Ln mm   ±0.5
Specific Absorption Ratio Maximum in %   22%
Moisture Distortion Rate Maximum in %   0.34%
Sustained Combustion Time in %   0%
Length Tolerance in mm   ±4
Shock Strength KJ/m2 Minimum   5.5KJ/M2
Thermal Conductivity W/m K Maximum   0.132W/mk
No Asbestos Content
Flatness in mm   2mm
Temperature Shrinkage Rate in % Maximum   0.1%
Fire Redundancy (Non-Combustible A Grade)   A Grade
Minimum Bending strength Mpa   10.5Mpa

MgO Board Chemical Compositions

Substance Name Properties Proportion(by weight)
Magnesium Oxide Non- hazardous 65%
material for shipping
Non- hazardous 25%
material for shipping
non-woven mesh
Non- hazardous <10%
material for shipping
Talc Non- hazardous <5%
material for shipping
Other non hazardous
ingredients (fillers)
Non- hazardous <5%
material for shipping

MgO Board Applications

  • External Wall cladding
  • Internal Wall Systems
  • Partitions Wall Systems
  • Wrapping Steel Beam & Column members
  • Floor, Roof & Ceiling Systems.