Locks, Padlocks, Door Handles, Hinges, Door fittings

We have been appointed as a Global marketing partner by Huy Hoang Lock Company Limited, Vietnam.  Huy Hoang is in this business for more than three decades and now the company is managed by the second generation entrepreneur.


The company produces Locks, Padlocks, Door Hinges, Door Handles, Door Fittings …etc.  Huy Hoang is a very prominent brand in Vietnam for the company’s management is committed to the quality delivery and keeps abreast to the advancement to the latest technological developments in the industry.  The management believes and invests in continuous research and development.

Huy Hoang has also tied up with a prominent locks brand Abas from Germany as a Technology partner and Abas has outsourced a lot of component development to Huy Hoang which are exported back to Germany.