Parivarta has tied up with one of the largest mines in Vietnam for the procurement and supply of Limestone.  The Technical specifications for the Limestone are given below:

Lime Stone

Limestone is a rock, that contains the skeletal fragments of marine organisms. Its major materials are the Calcite and Aragonite, which are different forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Limestone has been in use

  • as a building material
  • an essential component of Portland cement
  • as aggregate for the base of roads
  • as white pigment or filler in products like toothpaste or paints
  • as a chemical feedstock for the production of lime
  • as a soil conditioner
  • as a popular decorative addition to rock gardens.


Content  Percentage (%)
CaO 53 min
MgO 1.0 max
SiO₂ 0.5 max
Al₂O₃ 0.06 max
Fe₂O₃ 0.06 max
LOI 43