Business Liaison and International Business Development

Business Liaison and International Business Development

“There’s always a way to do it better; Find it ”  – Thomas A Edison.

Our Strength:

  • Over Sixty Man years of Business Experience
  • Travelled Over 25 Countries.
  • Well established Business Network Connections

‘Liaison Services’ refers to working together in a group, to work on behalf of an Entity, to represent someone on certain services.

PARIVARTA positions itself as a Global Sourcing and Business Liaison company. We work with corporate, small and medium enterprises, as well as individuals, playing a pro-active role in building the business. Besides a strong network of relationships in India and in the International markets, PARIVARTA works with clients in Europe and Asia Pacific to deliver solutions essential for growth of businesses. Our Extensive experience in the domain of Global Sourcing and International Trading has enabled us to provide instant solution to the business organizations.

PARIVARTA also serves as a business link in domestic as well as international market. We have successfully bridged gaps between numerous clients, providing focused expertise on issues relating financial as well as corporate domain. We undertake liaison assignments related to investment and businesses. On behalf of our associates, we interact with Government Agencies to get the registrations and for approvals to meet up with the statutory obligations of the business.

We do also undertake to interact with the overseas business associates of our clients and act as their overseas business development team.

Why to choose PARIVARTA for Liaison Services?

With our expertise and knowledge, we have gained a strong position for ourselves in the international market as well.


Our team of experts have the expertise in handling sales and marketing multiple domains in different industry, thereby would be able to shape out the best solution as per your requirements. With a 360 degree business analysis our skilled professionals would also be able to provide the right solutions which will have a direct impact on the desired end results.


We are in to Global Sourcing of a variety of products and services, with over 20 man-years of experience travelling to over 25 countries on business needs, have well established network of professionals from across different sectors that include government agencies , corporate clusters at a very senior management levels in the respective countries.   Treasure of our experience has been honed with the time, challenges, success stories and feed back of clients. All theses have helped us strengthened our knowledge and understanding about the domain.

Our rich experience and functional expertise in the International Trade Practices, The Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Trade Finance that include different types of Documentary Credits, Buyer’s credit, Supplier’s credit, Line of Credits both inbound and outbound..etc would be of great help to our clients that would help them in fast decision making.


“Profit is made not when you sell; but when you buy” – Alexander Elder

As we involve ourselves in the Global Sourcing of various commodities, we keep remembering the above saying and keep on trying to bring the cost of procurement down to optimize the end profitability of the customer.

Our Liaison Services have been broadly categorized in following domains:

  • Business Liaison with the Prospective buyers
  • Representing the Trade Fairs
  • Identifying the Business Investment Opportunities in India, Vietnam, Indonesia…etc
  • Setting up a Business Entity in Vietnam, India
  • Representation to the Governments in India, Vietnam

Flexibility of our solution has made us single-window for all. Our services are designed in accordance to needs of diverse segments, industries, budgets and for corporate as well as individuals.

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