Azobe Wood

Azobe wood or otherwise called Ekki or Iron wood is a very strong wood species from the West Africa.  The Botonical name of this wood is Lophira alata.  The tree grows to the height of 30-46 meters (100-150 ft) and the well grown tree will have a trunk diameter of 1.5-1.8 meters (5-6 ft).   The average dry density would be 1,065 kg/m3.      

Color/Appearance of Azobe Wood: The color of the Heartwood is a dark reddish or violet brown and the Sapwood looks pale pinkish white, with a gradual transition between the heartwood and the sapwood.    Light-colored mineral deposits are witnessed in the pores, that form small streaks throughout the wood.

It has a good resistance to insect attacks and is rated as highly durable and has good weathering characteristics.  It’s difficult to work considering the density and interlocked grain, which causes tear-out.

It is commonly used for boat-building, decking, flooring, construct Bridges, and marine applications.

Azobe or Ekki Azobe or Iron Wood Azobe or Lophira alata Azobe or Ekki